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Sandy answered me

>>Has anyone run across references to actual people (not gods) riding
>Sounds like a Solar thing to me. I suspect that actual combat in

>chariots has vanished in most parts of Glorantha, but might have been
>common in the First Age, say. (Except where supported by magic or
>mytholigical importance.) Travel and racing in chariots may still be
>popular in places. I note that the old Nomad Gods game had a spare
>counter depicting charioteers.

There will of course be Orlanthi chariots somewhere in Ralios because I as GM will decree so, but I was hoping to find a reason why Orlanth's Charioteer is still quite well known. And even has a cult (a small one, but worth describing in Gods of Glorantha) that does teach Drive Chariot.

I vaguely recall that chariots were outmoded in warfare by mounted cavalry. But there are still parts of Ralios with few horsemen...

Joerg answered my question about the 40000 Grazelanders
>I always understood this figure to include all humans of the country.

Greg said [private correspondence] that the 40K _didn't_ count the vendref. I haven't really done the full numbers game, but I have the Grazelands at 7316 km^2 (132 hexes in the Dragon Pass boardgame; we calculated the hex at 55.43 km^2). If the population is 40K, that's 5.5 people/km^2. Which is a quite large amount, if a note I have is correct [alas, I didn't bother to write down the source]:

    Hunter-gatherer lifestyle has a carrying capacity of 0.1 person/km^2     dry farming is 1-2 people/km^2
    irrigation 6-12 people/km^2

(I do have a text [Anthropology, by Ember & Ember] which says the Basseri, who raise sheep, goats, donkeys, camels, and horses in Iran, support 16000 people on 38850 km^2, or 0.4 person/km^2. The Grazelands is much better land than their arid homeland. Another figure: the Lapps, who herd reindeer, need 200 reindeer to provide for a family of 4-5 adults.)

So it does look like the 40K figure has to include the vendref, and that either the Glorantha pack made a mistake, I calculated area wrong, or my assumption that terrestrial productivity = Genertelan productivity (magic balancing out Genert's death and the negative magics of evil spirts etc.) is wrong.

Making a quick estimate from the map on p. 59, the real area of the Grazelands is more like 18000 km^2, which gives a more reasonable 2.2 people/km^2. This still implies that there aren't farmers on top of 40K horsefolk.

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