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>G. Fried here.

>Devin Cutler worries about Glorantha becoming too anthropologized. Devin,
>you make your point clearly and it is well taken, but I simply disagree.


>Anyway, I guess I really liked the Pamaltela issue -- I think it is one of
>the best examples of how Glroantha can inspire us to learn more about our
>world through GLorantha and NOT lose GLorantha.

>-- GF out.

I fully agree with your sentiments, Greg.

I've been an SF reader/fan foras long as I can remember and quite early I subscribed to the school of thought that nothing coming from the pen or typewriter of an author can be as alien or different as anything which already exists somewhere on this Earth.

Pretending otherwise is fooling yourself.

After having read Science Fiction for over fifteen years, the first story (TV series/book) to actually display a really alien *and* credible culture was Clavell's Shogun.


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