Pamaltela - Inspiration or Imitation?

Date: Sat 16 Apr 1994 - 13:00:27 EEST


Devin Cutler opines:
>I am extremely worried that Glorantha is becoming anthropologized.
>By this I mean that given regions in Glorantha become essentially
>transplanted Terran equivalents, to the detriment of the fantasy
>feel of the game.
>Pamaltela is quite obviously an amalgem of African and Australian

Sandy replies:

> I agree with Devin a lot.

> I can't speak for the weird Australian-oid material that has
>been coming out recently, all about "skins" and "Left-Hand path",
>etc. How closely is it based on Australian culture?

The Aranjara stuff in Tales #11 is very loosely based on some elements of Australian aborigine culture - just like most of the other published cultures in Glorantha (eg. Sartarites are based on an anglo-saxon/celt/viking mix, Vormain on the samurai, the Ygg islands on the Vikings, Sandy's Fonrit on the Barbary coast, the Rokari on Medieval France etc.) Chaosium submission guidelines in the past have made such analogies.

> But I feel, with Devin, that exactly adapting terrestrial
>cultures to Glorantha (as seems to have been done with the Pamaltelan
>"skins" material) is an error.

I agree with Sandy and Devin that exact adaptions are not cool. Sandy, first you asked how closely the Aranjara are based on Australian aborigines, but later in your post you seem to assume that it is just an exact copy. Let me assure you that it isn't a direct rip-off at all.

No doubt John Hughes (if he's keeping up the RQ Daily at the moment) can elucidate further on his sources of inspiration if you like.

Sandy does call John's stuff weird. I agree, it is WEIRD, and that's what helps to make it so Gloranthan. My personal fave is his story "Aranjara Dreaming" which I think transcends the mere "fan" writing we've previously published, and gone into the realms of real literature. (By the way, the two women on the front cover are the characters in the story; John's concept of who's who is the exact opposite of who they're meant to be. But if you know John, that's the way he thinks...)

I was knocked out by John's material, as was Greg who gave John the original inspiration. This is why I was moved to give so much of TALES #11 over to John's stuff, at the
expense of material by other writers (for which I apologised in the editorial). However, Pamaltela is a big place, with room enough for everyone. Another Great Southern Land issue of TALES is planned for the future, in which we might focus on the coastal regions, or the Right Hand folk, or the elf forests, or maybe even Rahmuktara, WAY DOWN south...

TALES has received quite a bit of comment about issue #11, almost all of it positive. So, what did you think of it Sandy?

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