From: Chris Cooke (mmlab!
Date: Fri 15 Apr 1994 - 17:06:46 EEST

In GoG it states Trickster initiates are also Acolytes and as such recieve reusable divine magic BUT it doesn't list which. Is it just common divine? only Trickster divine spells? do they have to get other divine spells by initiating into other Cults(possibly associated only)? but have those reusable? (wouldn't that surpise other cult members?) Any clarification of the Trickster would be a big help. Also, what would his skills limitations be? dex x 3 (x5?) ?

Also, it says Tricksters are not subject to (or protected by) the law. How would the general populace of Prax and Sartar view a "discovered" Trickster? Hunted? Ignored? Bounty Hunt? Jaxxo makes a wonderful jester but what if you Trickster is large(size18+) and has formidable combat skills?


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