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Date: Fri 15 Apr 1994 - 09:17:27 EEST

> From: (Sandy Petersen)
> Ed Wallman states:
> >In general, I find the western civilizations to be much more
> >difficult to use for a game setting than good old barbarian
> >settings.
> >We had two Malkioni soldiers playing once and no one could tell them
> >apart
> As you say, a failure in roleplaying. I'd like to point out
> that anyone who can tell two different Orlanthi warriors apart should
> be able to make two different Malkioni soldiers without much trouble.

> Think Pendragon -- how similar are Gawaine, Lancelot, Agravaine,
> Dinadan, and Sir Bruce Sans Pitie?

I think the issue may also involve telling apart two characters from the Orlanth PANTHEON. In my Dragon Pass and Prax campaigns there were only rarely several Orlanthi to tell apart, as people could be Humakti, Issaries, whatever, and non-humans *kinda* fit-in. There were lots of different, but *compatible* traditions for the characters to follow and the players to role-play. In the West, all the wariors in a group seem like they will be very similar, essentially all in the same 'cult'. Sure there's heresies, but do adventurers of different heresies really hang out together as well as Orlanthi and Humakti do (for instance)? Plus, in the West, all non-humans are Krjalki, removing that source of difference. I did run a Ralian campaign, and this is exactly the problem we had. All humans, all Stygian heretics (some sorcery and some spirit magic)... kinda hard to tell them apart. Yes, there *was* role-playing to do that, but it is nice when there is more than JUST that...

> Are the barbarians stagnant for roleplaying because every
> Storm Bull is exactly the same? I think there's as much roleplaying
> opportunity in the west as anywhere.

Maybe part of the problem is just that we know so much more about the different tribes of Prax, and thus it is easy to imagine lots of different Storm Bullies (and Uroxi... a difference within 'one' cult right there). Over in Ralios,m the ref is left to his own devices. Not all of us are as endlessly creative as some of the people on this list, and I at least have not had the TIME to be that creative for years. So Western campaigns remain much more difficult.

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