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Date: Fri 15 Apr 1994 - 10:28:08 EEST

        It's been awhile since I sent anything to the digest but I've got a bit more time now to muse on things Gloranthan. So here's what I've been pondering of late while awaiting the coming of the green moon...

        Lunars and Lunar Sorcerors
What ever happened to lunar magic from GoG? I thought the variant on spirit magic was much more interesting than the RQ3 rules for sorcerors but judging from the supplements it's not any where near as common as
regualr sorceror in the Empire. I was at least expecting the Red Goddess initiate in Strangers to have Lunar Magic.

	I was thinking about the Magic the gathering card game the other day
when it occured to me that something like this would make for a great play aid for heroquests. For those of you who've been living in a cave of late Magic the Gathering is a card game where each player has his or her own deck of cards which can be compeletely different from their opponents deck. And if you win you get a card from the looser's deck.

        This could work well for heroquesters. Each could have a hand of cards with powers from their cult. And then as they went throught he heroquest they would loose and gain cards from the beings and events they encountered.

        Now this wouldn't fit into everyone's view of how to roleplay a heroquest but then I don't think anything can. Every group and every person in a group is going to have a different view and a different level of awareness when they play out a heroquest. Some groups are just going to view a heroquest as a powergamers dream, and that's fine. For them maybe SuperRQ style rules are best. Other groups might have a greater appreciation for archetypes and myths and basically get together to tell a story. And still others groups have other views I'm sure. But I think cards or soemthing like them could make for a great aid to Heroquesting. They appeal to me alot more then dice and percentiles at any rate. :)

	Illumination and Arkati
	I'm curious to know hom many people use Illumination in their
games. How many campaigns have had PC illuminates? And has anyone developed any Illuminate philosophies? I think Illumination has alot of roleplaying and story potential but I wish we had more information. How does a Lunar Red Goddess worshiping illuminate differ from an Arkat Stygian heresy westernor and how do they both differ from a Troll follower of Arkat?

        And does anyone know of any write ups of any of the various off shoots of Arkat worship? Other than the one in Troll Gods of course. --
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