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Date: Fri 15 Apr 1994 - 10:59:38 EEST

One of the problems any Glorantha fan has to face is the lack of material for Glorantha. AH doesn't seem like it intends to increase the rate of production of new RQ supplements any time soon. And the supplements that are coming out from AH are all set in the Sartar/Prax region.

        I now have more than enough information to run a campaign in Prax that could last for years using the supplements out now. But the rest of Glorantha needs to be detailed as well. Now we have been lucky enough to see the growth of excellent publications like TOTRM and Codex but I'm not sure developing the Lunar Empire can be done in the 'zines. Though a year of theme issues, Lunar Magic, Lunar Cults, Lunar Cities, etc might work...;)

        Other than writing your own material the only other way to get info for a Gloranthan campaign is to steal it from other settings. Ars Magica and Pendragon can both furnish usefull ideas and adventures for the West for instance. But by and large Glorantha is so uniquely Gloranthan that adapting anything to the world takes as much time and creativity as starting from scratch. At least for me it seems that way. Does anyone have any good suggestions/comments on adpating other rpg material to Glorantha?

        What I'd really like to hear is what areas other people on the Digest would like to see developed. Here's my own top 5 list.

  1. The Arkat cults and Illumination in general
  2. Dragonnewts
  3. Lunar Empire
  4. Sog City
  5. Heroquesting

Of course my real number 1 choice is to find out the Secret of the god learners. :) For that matter how many people have actually come up with a secret for their own campaigns? I was thinking of running a Glorantha campaign not to long ago and came up with a secret I could use if the PCs ever really tried to learn the Secret. Naturally I'm sure it would be gregged, but who cares?
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