From: MOBTOTRM@vaxc.cc.monash.edu.au
Date: Sun 17 Apr 1994 - 11:02:40 EEST

>MOB replied
>But "she was asking for it" is often a defense in rape trials...

>>Surely you don't think this is other than a baldfaced lie?...

>>>Scott Haney:
>>>It is. And it almost inevitably turns out to be untrue. Rape is not
an act of passion or sex. Rape is an act of violence, an act no less violent than battery...

Agree with you both. I would go further to say rape is an act of violence AND dominance. In the state I live in, the prison term for rape has been increased to be equivalent of murder (one of the things the looney-rightists have don that I approve of)

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