Female Broo

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Date: Sat 16 Apr 1994 - 16:20:50 EEST

SBF seeks SBM (Single Broo Female seeks Single Broo Male)

I definitely like the idea of the female Broo as am uncommon creature. It makes a good rare GM special creature and gives a lot of fun scenario hooks. I can just see the female "leader of the pack" becoming enamored of the local chieftan's puny son after spotting him from afar and dispatching a group of male broos to help her "woo" her perspective "courter". A female broo would want to spell trade for the spell that brings the pain of childbearing upon the father and would have an elaborate scheme to get the spell. If you were especially mean as a GM you could give her the chaotic ability to have the father carry the offspring to term "How come the other broos want nothing to do with the female?" similar to the male broos ability to breed with other male creatures. Great idea - kudos to whoever came up with it. Same with the broo / stove mixture , only problem is , what would happen in that case if some broo became enamored of part of the Mostali world machine? From: RuneQuest-Request@Glorantha.Holland.Sun.COM (RQ Digest Maintainer) To: RuneQuest@Glorantha.Holland.Sun.COM (Daily automated RQ-Digest) Reply-To: RuneQuest@Glorantha.Holland.Sun.COM (RuneQuest Daily) Subject: RuneQuest Daily, Mon, 18 Apr 1994, part 3 Sender: Henk.Langeveld@Holland.Sun.COM
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