Re: Illusion, Trickster

Date: Sat 16 Apr 1994 - 23:42:25 EEST

  Paul here. Jonas writes:

>On a lighter note, if Illusion is temporary reality, isn't reality just a
>big illusion with lots of Extension? And wouldn't that make Trickster the
>Creator? Now I know this is not The Truth, because I suggested it to Greg a

  There are Earth mythologies where Trickster is also Creator; I believe the !Kung believe this. Will have to check...


  Joerg writes:


I have been disappointed about the Tricksters' Rune possessions for some time. The God Learners' associations for Eurmal (Illusion) and Bolongo (Disorder) seem wrong to me, and totally meaningless for Genertela. (I blame this text on one of the Umathelan universities.)

For Theyalans, Eurmal is the logical successor of Ratslaff, so his Runes would be a double disorder, and maybe a single Illusion. The logical choice for the double Illusion rune (accompanied by harmony) would be Donandar, whose puppeteer followers tellingly are quoted in RQ2 as wielders of this Rune.

Bolongo? Who's that? A mask?


  I agree with Joerg - HOWEVER I think it is perfectly believable that people don't know who the true Master of Illusion is, and are mixed up about the Owner of Disorder.

  Eurmal is clearly Disorderly - look at his pal Orlanth. The Storm Gods are a pretty disorderly lot...

  As originator of Boratory I was pleased to see Alex Ferguson's comment:
>> Borotory should be compulsory for all Tricksters.

  Joerg writes:

>I think Disorder is as all-embracing as is Chaos, although Disorder is _of
>the world_, not from without it. Their similarity made the disorderly (the
>Boggles, Zorak Zoran) the most effective fighters of Chaos.

  Orderly beings tend to snuff it when disrupted by Chaos. Disorderly things, having less structure to start with, are more likely to survive a brush with Chaos. Even if hit with a mutating power, they can 'slough off' the mutated parts (unlike something more structured...)

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