Riddlers; Skills; Tricksters

From: David Dunham (ddunham@radiomail.net)
Date: Mon 18 Apr 1994 - 09:05:31 EEST

Well, I've seen Strangers in Prax! The cover looked a bit fuzzy, and the price seemed steep ($19). Other than that I can't say, since only store I could find it at wouldn't honor my Avalon Hill coupon. I'll wait for one of the other stores to get it in.

>From: Brian.Dickinson@def.bae.co.uk (Brian Dickinson)
>I'm also confused by the use of the name "trickster" for both
>Eurmal cultists and Nysalor Illuminates.

The former are Tricksters; the latter are Riddlers. No connection.

I've always wondered why Riddlers are considered bad, when Orlanth rune levels have to play a riddle game with Sun worshippers...

>From: mmlab!cookec%max.mml.mmc.com@uunet.UU.NET (Chris Cooke)
>Is it true that in order for your skills % to exceed 100% you must be a Rune
>Lord or similar?

Not under the RQ3 rules.

>In GoG it states Trickster initiates are also Acolytes and as such recieve
>reusable divine magic BUT it doesn't list which. Is it just common divine?
>only Trickster divine spells?

Since Trickster temples are almost always only shrines, all they get is the Trickster-specific spell of that shrine. And Worship Trickster.

>Also, it says Tricksters are not subject to (or protected by) the law. How
>would the general populace of Prax and Sartar view a "discovered" Trickster?

I suspect in most cultures it's more like "If you give me a Hotfoot, I'll kill you." Tricksters are outlaws, but as long as they stay amusing they could be tolerated. You just keep a careful eye on your chickens and your daughters.

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