Fun with Sun Gods.

From: alex (
Date: Tue 19 Apr 1994 - 00:13:55 EEST

Klaus O K:
> Are the Yelmalions modelled on the Egyptians?

Not so much the Yelmalions, per se, but I think some elements of Dara Happan religion and culture are similar to ancient Egypt. In particular, the Yelmic life/death/rebirth beliefs are much closer to the Osiris cult than anything in Hindu beliefs (which DH also resembles to some (I would say a greater) extent).

Josh Wright:
> I figure that Yelmalians would be divided into two groups, those who
> are rich or lucky enough to be cavalry (preferable archers, but also
> mounted spears) and the average hopolite style templar.

I think this depends which bunch of Yelmalions we're speaking of. Sartarite worshippers of Elmal and Yelmalio will be mostly cavalry, and perhaps form the bulk of such troops in large Sartarite forces. Largely they would be armed with spears. This pattern is likely to be changing in the Aldachur area expecially, under the influence of Lunar and Yelmic use of pike formations.

In Sun County, with no ready availability of horses, and the apparently greater Yelmic influence, I think the bow would be much more popular, along with the use of longer spears, and pikes.

Increasingly I'm convinced that Sun County was influenced by Dara Happan Yelmic beliefs long before the Monrogh thing occurred in Sartar. Perhaps bearing in mind the non-aristocratic nature of the cult, the original Elmal (?) temple was influenced by Antirius missionaries at some time during the Peaceful Era. (Who was it that suggested a 'Yelmal' cult at some point?) Granted Yelmalio is not quite Antirius, but Elmal + Antirius = something vaguely like Yelmalio.


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