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Date: Tue 19 Apr 1994 - 00:36:33 EEST

Andrew Raphael:
>Loren J. Miller
>> Any suggestions for assigning a baseball/cricket clone?

> Baseball & cricket have been around for centuries. Ignoring the
> Cooperstown myth, baseball descends from British stick & ball games.
> There's an article on this in a Steven J Gould book. Cricket would
> imply an agricultural society with a wealthy class able to take 5 days
> to play a game.

That all depends of the exact form played, but I agree that civilised sun worshippers seem the best candidates among humans. After all, it is a `summer' game, and the five-day structure _sounds_ like a Yelmic construction, doesn't it? The `Nelson' superstition (about the number 111, and multiples thereof) is a dead giveaway also. ;-)

> >Maybe we could introduce baseball as an aldryami game?

> I find it hard to imagine Aldryami playing anything, but if they do,
> archery would be the thing. Gymnastics, maybe?

Naturally Aldryami don't play _competitive_ sports, as such... I'd imagine they indulged in co-operative or ritual activities, which look like (rather incomprehsible) sports when witnessed by outsiders.

To steal an idea from an old White Dwarf, back when it was a proper magazine, perhaps a cricket-like games originated as an Aldryami ritual. High King Elf defending a Harmony rune against some foe or other. Other cultures may have made it more overtly competitive later, however.

Guy Robinson:
> Trade Posts is a game traditionally played by members of the
> Issaries cult when two cult sponsored caravans meet. It is
> quite a spectacle, partially because of the fact that the
> rules are so hard to understand ...

> Essentially the game is about defending a symbollic Harmony
> Rune adorned with bails which are said to represent the
> influence of the Trade Rune but this is a very mute point.

This is similar to what I'd in mind, though I'd quibble with Issaries as a likely patron: after all, Incomprehsibility and Harmony aren't characteristic of the god of Communication and Motion.

> Loren J. Miller in X-RQ-ID: 3450
> > Hold it right there. Before you go any further we have to reserve polo
> > for the Persia analogue in Glorantha. That would be Carmania.

> I disagree, for one simple reason: The Carmanians are too recent (795 ST)
> to have invented the game. Of course they demand they did, but the game is
> much older.

This is getting a bit excessively earth-analogue ridden for my taste: for starters, why is Carmania terribly close to Persia, of any period? Even if it is, why should they play anything very like polo?

The best candidates would be cultures influenced by similar games, like kabash, played by the norse nomads.

> >> Trollball is a game we all love, although putting it under ball games
> >> is stretching the definition of ball a bit. However, this is the
> >> equivalent for American Football, or Rugby.

> > I think American Football has too many rules to be anything at all
> > like Trollball. I don't know if Rugby has fewer rules. Somebody else?

> To ignorant Europeans, who know football to be a game where hands aren't
> involved, aka soccer, American Football seems to be the game where all
> the rules are broken.

Historically, this is (sorta) true: Rugby evolved from football (`soccer') but removing the 'no handling' rule; American Football arose from rugby by dropping the 'no forward pass' rule (and also 'no blocking'). Obviously, both games added lots of rules of their own in the process (and subsequently). Trollball is not unlike American Football without all these 'extra' rules.

> > Then why play tennis? Wouldn't they play volleyball instead? I think a
> > game that encourages leaping high into the air and "spiking" your foes
> > would be quite popular among Yelm worshippers.

Not exactly `stately', is it? Perhaps in Teshnos they play the `beach' variation, though. ;-)

> Because I cannot imagine Dara Happan lords to soil their hands with
> things that touch the earth. And tennis has the nice feature of the
> "service" to have the ball brought into play by a servant. To me very
> Dara Happan.

I can easily see DHans playing some strange variation on those lines... maybe something like Real Tennis?

> What you Americans understand by
> hockey is the game played by ruffians skating over ice, wielding clubs
> and sometimes hitting the flat piece of plastic when no opponents or
> referees are around. The snow troll version of troll ball, played with
> Hollri as pucks.

Joerg, you can break this news to the Hollri. ;-) Maybe they use penguins.

> >> The Orlanthi would play a thrown ball game, like handball, or a rough
> >> version of basketball. There is the legend that the Storm Gods once
> >> played ball with the Blue Moon...

> I think that Orlanthi play golf.

Note there's a reference to the Orlanthi playing "kick the ball" in the Genertela player's book. I think many cultures would play a similar game, though, at least on a very informal basis.


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