Fair cops and snotty brats

From: argrath@aol.com
Date: Tue 19 Apr 1994 - 02:53:26 EEST

MOB writes:
>Maculus, somewhat drained (having expended 90 magic points!)
>watches on with wry amusement as the Sun Town watch show up,
>casting Light spells of their own, to drag off the thug.

     Huh. Just as likely, the watch drag off the geezer, since he was doing all the beating when they arrived! Haven't you read Catch-22? ;-)

     Seriously, though, having the fuzz arrive is an anachronism, and anachronisms really irk me in RPGs and fantasy fiction. I got into a looooong discussion of this on-line once before, so I'm not going to get deep into it again. Suffice it to say that "the watch" ought to stop fires and riots; the way to deal with an on-going crime (in areas analogous to Europe) is to raise the hue and cry, after which all able-bodied men are legally required to aid in apprehending the criminal and bringing him to the sheriff; prisons were rare in the ancient world, and justice swift (shoot, Delaware was caning people into the 20th century because they didn't want to build prisons!)

     If anyone is interested, we could start a thread on weregilds, sheriffs, Orlanthi resentment at arbitrary Lunar house-to-house searches, and the effects of magic on legal systems. Since my Malkioni legal schools are definitely getting cut from Codex #2, I may post them here.

John Hughes says:
>If some snotty-nosed brat whose breasts are
>only just beginning to bud hangs around your temple
>wanting to listen to the stories, watch the training and
>handle your iron sword, wouldn't you encourage her -
>even if you knew she was a regular out on Old Windbag's

     That depends. But it depends on personalities, perceived aptitudes, prejudices--things that have nothing to do with the game system. (I like your point, but you need a better example.)

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