Lunars as Protagonists

From: Aden Steinke (
Date: Sat 23 Apr 1994 - 05:00:24 EEST

Martin says:

>I'm supprised at the assumption that most people use Lunars as protagonists.
>I've never had a Lunar PC or played a campaign set in Peloria. The campaigns
>know best have never taken a Lunar turn. I ran a Lunar campaign once, for one
>adventure. What are other persons' experiences and preferences for milieu?

I agree, in the 12 or so years (I think) that we have been playing RuneQuest here in Wollongong, our current campaign (set in 1623 in Prax/Sartar) is the first with Lunars as a major feature. My character in this is a Dara Happan merchant.

All of our previous RQ campaigns have been in Pavis / Prax / Balazar but set slightly earlier than this, so players have been followers of Humakt, Yelm, Yelmalio, Black Fang, Daka Fal, the Orlanth panthion, Pavis, Zorak Zoran, Aldrya and Zola Fel, but not of Lunar cults such as 7 mothers and Etyries. We have had Duck, Troll, Aldryami, Agimori and Baboon player characters but no New Pelorians.

Now that I am playing, and enjoying playing, a civilised person from a literate civilisation, for once, it is most terrible that Greg Stafford has released KoS with it's huge umpires fudges bringing down the Lunar Empire, so my character - if the campaign goes as long as our last one, 6 or 7 real years, 20 or 30 game years - will have little real incentive to progress as a Lunar unless we depart from the time line rather markedly.

The gaming is different, even though we are in basically the same part of the world, since as Lunar citizens we cannot just go around committing banditry and tomb robbing in the pursuit of the twin gods of experience rolls and wealth.B-)


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