Playing an Uzko

From: Bryan J. Maloney (
Date: Fri 22 Apr 1994 - 19:09:55 EEST

And loving every minute of it.

I recall people talking about the "right" way to envision Uzko. My own Uzko character, Gorrosh who Follows the Blue Streak (a Blue Moon Plateau Uz in Dorastor) is very inhuman. He not only has the basic, easy to play Uzko characteristics of complete bluntness and constant eating of anything in front of him, but he has no compunction whatsoever over allowing his human "companions" to go to their deaths--after all, then he can use them as food for Mistress the Last, and they're only humans, anyway--which puts them slightly above Enlo on the scale of things (Mostali and Aldryami aren't really thinking beings, just very clever food animals).

However, he is an Uz of amazing calm, reserve, and tolerance. He's so much of an open-minded sort that he's going to initiate to Argan Argar! Not only this, but tonight, he actually gave a PC a warning before trying to kill him for stating that Uzko were chaos tainted. The human PC considers himself a philosopher and was expounding upon food chains and hierarchies of beings. Any Uzko understands both of these: Uz eat everything and are on top of all hierarchies of beings. Goth (the human PC), upon discovering that Uz eat chaos (which is an excellent way of destroying it), stated that Uz were, therefore, chaos-tainted. Gorrosh asked Goth if he wanted to be killed, since saying such a thing to an Uzko was the same thing as saying "I want to be killed." Goth said he did not, and Gorrosh let the matter pass. Within half an hour, Goth once again stated that the Uz are tainted by chaos.

Gorrosh, being such a kind-hearted, gentle, and sensitive Uzko, sighed mightily and said: "I am very sorry to do this to you." He then proceeded to do his best to beat Goth to a bloody pulp with a Troll Maul. Only the timely casting of a Demoralize by another PC and the removal of Goth from Gorrosh's sight before the spell wore off saved the human's life.

Now, Gorrosh is also a very honorable Uzko, and he is an oath-guest of the clan. This is why he gave Goth only a warning the first time instead of killing him outright. The second time, after explaining what it meant to say that Uz were chaos tainted, it was obvious that Goth was wanting to die and wished to have a good death in combat. Like a merciful, kind-hearted, and honorable Uzko, Gorrosh tried his best.

Now Goth is unhappy and has asked Gorrosh to leave the stead. Gorrosh understands this--humans are weak-willed sissies, and Uzko need to be intelligent enough to understand and forgive when they are too cowardly to follow through on things. Thus, since he is a good, kind-hearted, honorable Uzko who is oath-guest to the clan around Hazard Fort, Gorrosh will go talk to Rendicot [sic] and ask for a new place that he is permitted to live.

Of course, if the chieftan wishes to ask why, Gorrosh will have to say that Goth gave an insult to the Uzko people, and it would have been unkind and dishonorable to kill everyone at his stead and eat their corpses after Gorrosh had become an oath-guest.

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