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Date: Fri 22 Apr 1994 - 21:24:29 EEST

After looking through _Strangers In Prax_, I'm quite pleased, overall. I do, however, have one technical rules-oriented question.

(This is from Mike Dawson's section, so if he's out there listening, I'd appreciate hearing from the horse's mouth.)

On p.70, in the boxed section, a sorceror character is described as being able to prepare a high-powered (and thus expensive and time-consuming) spell in advance (by making a concentration roll) so that he can cast it when needed, taking only his DEX strike rank.

Is this an official rules interpretation? I can't find anything in the RQ rules that suggests this is possible, and everything I _can_ find seems to suggest that stopping a spell once it has been started constitutes aborting the spell.

I ask only because if this is the intent of the rules, it considerably alters the balance of power in favor of sorcerors; if an otherwise combat-weak adventurer can wander around (slowly) with Venom 15 prepared and ready to throw at a mere 3 SRs notice, it really changes matters.

Can anyone shed more light on this for me?

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