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Date: Fri 13 May 1994 - 19:21:32 EEST

Gee, maybe I missed it because I've only been following the Joerg/Alex clash of titans since early March, but no one has mentioned the best counter-example yet to Alex's insistance on one god to a cult: the Tusk Riders. Their cult explicitly worships three different spirits.

Alex "Quotation Marks Anonymous Founder" Ferguson objects to the use of the word selenium for the lunar rune metal. Might I ask that you please suggest a better term? <trying to find a way to avoid sounding sarcastic but failing, despite being sincere>

Alex also notes my cleverly-disguised element-rune connections, and says this should "only [be] the case for those cults which are 'advanced' enough to have a need for it, and magically significant enough to provide the capability." Yeah, that was kinda the idea. It seems clear to me that you don't have to be as advanced to use lead, since it has a lower melting point.

Re: usefulness of Enchant Tin

     Yes, given the statement in ES that Tin is not commonly enchanted, I reckon that Enchant Tin is basically useless.

Re: exarchs in steel plate

     I don't have any trouble with this, myself, given China's historical advantage in technology over the West. But hell, it's a game, do what you want.

"You" "can't" "have" "your" "use" "and" "mention" "it" "too."

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