Pavis Character List

Date: Tue 17 May 1994 - 12:27:46 EEST

G'day Everyone!

Pavis Personalities List

RE: Eric Rowe's List of Pavis Personalities. Great list; I was surprised to see such obscure low-lifes as Bung the Bright and Grovman the Sand Reader from an article I wrote with Trev Ackerly in TotRM #8. By featuring on the same list as Sor Eel and Krogar Wolfhelm does this mean they've entered the Gloranthan canon? [By the way Eric, another of the beggars listed, Unkle Kevin (a baboon spirit guide) is spelt with a "k", and the "insane beggar (who) leads begger king's enforcer gang" is called Sludge, not Slarge. He's an insane ex-sage, not a big reptile!]

You included such one-shot low-lifes as Bung and Grovman, so what hasppened to Jaxarte Whyded, Sor Eel's young and niave nephew, who's exploits have featured in SUN COUNTY, as well as Tales #3, #5, #6 & #8? It'd just be poor Jax's luck to miss out, however, I suggest you add something like:

Jaxarte Whyded - Lunar - nephew of Sor Eel.



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