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Date: Thu 19 May 1994 - 12:42:54 EEST

G'day all,

Lightbringer Secret

Sandy writes:
>Nick Brooke sez:
>someone else who claimed to officially know it [God Learner secret]
>said that he could explain it in 5 words, but was rather put out
>when I told him Greg said he could explain it in three! He demanded
>to know if that included words like "the" or "and"!

Actually, it was me who wrote this, not Nick. However, Nick was also there at the time, though I must stress that Nick ISN'T the person who said he could explain the GL secret in 5 words. In fact (like me), Nick stressed that he neither knew the secret nor wanted to hear the "five word" explanation.

While I'm Nicking, sorry Nick I got confused about your views on the cult of Moonson. I plead a late night's debauchery followed by early-morning earth-moving equipment over the back fence for fuddling my brain.


David Dunham asked some questions about Mindspeech:
>A question came up in my last game about Mindspeech. If A casts Mindspeech
>on B, it's real clear that A (the caster) can transmit whispered messages
>to B. Can B transmit messages back to A? I think as the spell is written,
>the answer is no -- "It will transmit only the thoughts intended for
>transmission *by the caster*." (In RQ2, the spell was two-way, and the
>statement about "open link" seems to be a holdover from this.)
>One answer might be to make a 2-way link cost 2 points (since the spell is
>How do others play this?

We have always played it as 2-way, I guess 'cos we're ex-RQ2ers.

**Minor Spoiler for Strangers in Prax - Lunar Coders**

While I'm on the topic of Mindspeech, those of you who've got Strangers in Prax will note that in the Orlanth temple Krogar Wolfhelm uses Mindspeech to send a secret message to the PCs and the other Orlanthi. Originally, this was actually passed by another, more typically "Orlanthi" spell: yes, you guessed it, WIND WORDS!! After 15 years of RQ I thought I had finally come up with a legitimate use for this pretty much useless and costly spell, only to have it axed in the editing stage so as not to offend the rules lawyers! Well, I guess if a Orlanth Wind Lord ain't gonna use Wind Words on a holy day in his temple, then I guess he'll *never* use it.

Harvar is a true son of Yelm...

Joerg B. quotes someone:
> I don't think this method works in general, else (pre-Lunar) Dara Happa
> would be hip-deep in Yelm worshippes. In the unlikely event of Yelm
> the Sage members being allowed and able to procreate, I suspect their
> children "don't count" as Yelm candidates.

Joerg then asks:
>>I think this was how Harvar Ironfist was admitted into the Yelm cult
>>during Home of the Bold (RQ-Con session). Could any of the involved
>>confirm or correct this?

Gordius Silverus, former Lunar provost of Boldhome (current whereabouts uncertain) saw it as imperative that Harvar be admitted into the cult of Yelm - and, more importantly, therefore, the cult of Moonson Imperator! He requested that the Royal Librarian Montague Goodcandle (whose magnificent spotted beard dropped almost to the ground) scour the countless scrolls and tomes in the Library for proof of Harvar's lineage. Gordius added that he was sending his architects to the Library to see if Montague's plan for a new reading room (with central heating and jacuzzi) was feasible. Montague stated that he was sure that proof of Harvar's worthiness could be, er, located - Gordius stated that in this case he was certain his architects would approve the plans for the hot tub.

The evidence was forthcoming - though it interested Gordius not one jot as to whether this meant Ironfists's ancestors had kids before or after they became member of Yelm the Sage. For that you'd have to ask the Librarian, who unfortunately was assassinated shortly after the rebellion broke out on the day of the Black Moon. (He was killed fleeing the city with Temertain - assassins jumped out, ignored the fleeing Prince, and stabbed the Librarian, much to his surprise. His last words were, "Me? You're killing me???". The identity of the assassins and who hired them has been clas
sified "Blue" (secret) by the Lunar authorities and buried in the vault of the Annilla Temple marked "not to be opened for 54 years".

Pavis Personalities List

Thanks for adding in poor Jaxie, Eric (sorted this out in private mail). Eric left Jaxarte off the list because he thought he was only staying in Pavis for a short visit in 1617 - in fact, Jaxarte spends over five years in Pavis, from his arrival in 1617 until his return to the Heartlands in the entourage of his disgraced uncle Sor Eel, following the Cradle disaster.

Another missing personality, Eric: Niall of the Real City, a priest of the tiny hero cult of Revenant. Mentioned in "Stony Bones" Tales #8 and "Niall's Revenge", Tales #9.

Come on baby light my fire

My old mate gary James writes:

>Alex asked whether there were any pure broadleaf forests in Glorantha.
>Sandy responded he didn't know of any. He wrote all the forests he
>has seen in North America were a mix of evergreens and conifers.

>In Australia, we have few native conifers. Almost all the native
>trees are angiosperms. They keep their leaves all year round whether
>they live in the tropics or the more temperate south. I'm no
>botanist, but the only native conifers in Australia I know live in
>tiny isolated pockets, usually in mountainous areas. All the
>natural forests I have ever seen are made up of native "evergreen"
>angiosperms and a few exotic conifers, chiefly the ubiquitous pinus
>radiata. I can certainly imagine the mixed forests Sandy talks about,
>but I've never seen one.

Me neither. Of course, the elves who live in these "native angiosperm" forests are the Eucalyptus Elves! These elves are rather volatile - being so full of oil they tend to explode in bush fires (as apparently happens to koalas who totally subsist on eucalyptus leaves). However, just as many eucalypts require fire to germinate, I posit that so do the Eucalyptus Elves! Gives the lyrics of that Doors song a whole new, literal meaning!

Malkioni Saints - All or Some?

Nick says:
>I find the idea that all Malkioni saints are recognised and
>worshipped by all of the sects ludicrous, and will not countenance

Sandy, Martin and others disagree, and stand by the statement in GoG: "We Malkioni belong to many different castes and sects, but all of us recognize the divinity of a saint, no matter what sect he attained his sainthood through."

I side firmly with Nick, and agree with many of the reasons he has given throughout this fiery debate.

However, the main reason why I side with Nick is because having the Malkioni as a bunch of squabbling heretic haters is ***LOTS MORE FUN*** than the wimpy eucumenicalism promoted by the other view. Now trying to reach that state of mutual recognition is a lot of fun too (can't wait for the the 7th Ecclesiastical Council), but I seriously doubt that all the sects and factions will ever reach it, and if they, stay that way for long. After all Credo fans, how long did the Nicean Council hold the whole Church together for?


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