Re: RuneQuest Daily, Thu, 19 May 1994, part 1

Date: Thu 19 May 1994 - 22:36:20 EEST

Devin Cutler here:

MOB writes:

"After 15 years of RQ I thought I had finally
come up with a legitimate use for this pretty much useless and costly spell,"

Costly yes. Useless no. I will admit the usefulness is not worth the cost, but still the spell has uses. It is especially useful for sneaking up to an enemy encampment downwind and listening to the battle plans going on inside of the leader's tent the night before battle. In a sense, the spell functions like the AD&D spell Clairaudience.

Re: Pavis Personality List:

Also on the Pavis personality list, what about Riveps, the RIverside Thug from the Krang's table adventure. Also, what about Delfron the Butcher from that same scenario? Finally, what about the diseased man in Badside from the Devil's playground adventure (I forget his name)?

Andy writes:

"To which I must say: I respectfully disagree. There are numerous sects
of Jews (many of whose members believe they are getting weekly or daily updates from God) and whose views differ diametrically. "

I am also a Reform Jew, BTW. What you say is true, but I defy anyone to prove and I would be amazed if anyone on this net would even suggest that Yaweh/God/Allah is as directly active on Earth as the Gloranthan deities are in Glorantha.

Ancient times aside, in modern times, I have never seen someone able to call on God to save them from, say a robbery or death in a war and have it happen in a direct and provable manner. In Glorantha, gods answer close to 10% of all calls for Direct Intervention! Somehow, I don't think that same rate applied to, say, Allah's intervention on behalf of his worshippers in Desert Storm.

The point is, for example, every Humakt worshipper has probably witnessed, several times in even a short 5 year career, a Divine Intervention of direct and physically manifestible nature. He has also probably seen someone's sword shatter in his hands. He has witnessed the casting of Humakt's Divine Magic and has probably cast such magic himself.

Also, despite what you claim about certain sects of Judaism claiming to commune with Yaweh on a daily or weekly basis, I find it hard to believe that they are communing in as direct a manner as Divination. And, while Divination can sometimes be murky, in every published Gloranthan scenario where it has been mentioned, it seems to be fairly informative, even in an allegorical way (e.g. Gaumata's Vision).


Devin Cutler

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