Pavis, Changing nature of Glorantha.

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Date: Thu 19 May 1994 - 21:35:35 EEST

First, devinc seems to have not read the list carefully enough.

>Re: Pavis Personality List:

>Also on the Pavis personality list, what about Riveps, the RIverside Thug
>from the Krang's table adventure. Also, what about Delfron the Butcher from
>that same scenario? Finally, what about the diseased man in Badside from the
>Devil's playground adventure (I forget his name)?

Riveps real name is Yarath Rantu, he's there. Delfron Barath, he's there.
Oakley Gauntest, he's there.

I did actually miss a total of three characters not counting those that MOB pointed out. Hint. They are in RQA#2 and KoS. That will be fixed and available from soda after it gets digested.

Second, I'd just like to add some thoughts on the changing nature of Glorantha (elmal/yelmalio) in terms of gaming. It is simply, if you don't like it, don't use it. Glorantha is so rich in detail that any GM can make it in their own image. Many GM's kill off all ducks with the duck plauge because they don't like them. If people don't like the change to Elmal, don't make it. This is especially true mid-game. If a new product comes out while I'm running a game I look at it and incorporate the parts I like and don't affect the game's background. When that game ends and I start a new one I incorporate the stuff I liked but interfered with the old game's background. I never incorporate the stuff I dislike.

I really think you can only have a problem with the changing nature of Glorantha if you don't have a flexible/capable GM. A good GM should be able to make up their mind as to what parts to use. (A good recent example is Sandy pointing out how he flagrantly disregards in-print things like Kralorela being closed to outsiders.) A good GM should also tailor their campaigns to the people playing in their game. Some love hero-level games, others the kind where you spend an entire session trying to grow corn. Since different people like different things there can be no one way to run a game and no single Glorantha that all people will like. It is up to the GM to create the best one for their group.

Since I run two games this is very clear to me. Here is a direct comparison of them.

                Group 1 Group 2

Start Balazar Pavis

Characteristics Roll Roll +6 spread out

Experience After much time After any little break

Religions Elmal exists No Elmal, only Yelmalio

Spirit Magic POW*5+bonus-enc 80%+bonus-enc

Ducks Not Outlawed Outlawed                 

  Whitewall 1619 1621

  Cradle 1620 1621

  Lunar Coders 1620 1619

Current Loc. Upland Marsh Pavis

My point is simple. They are different people, different campaigns, different Gloranthas.


ps. I very much enjoy the 'real' Glorantha discussions as they give me great material to pick and choose from.

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