cartoon Glorantha

From: Andrew Raphael (
Date: Sat 20 Aug 1994 - 18:48:15 EEST

Bob Luckin <> writes:

>This led me to speculate on what other cartoon analogues you could introduce
>into Gloranthan culture.

>* Is the Red Emperor really like Yosemite Sam ?

No, Sam is far too hairy to be the Red Emperor. The princess in MOB's Lunar Coders, from Strangers in Prax, suggest that the Red Emperor is hairless. He is, therefore, Elmer Fudd.

An Australian-made cartoon series, King Arthur and His Square Knights of the Round Table, may serve for the West. MOB may remember this from his childhood.

I've often wondered if strolling players in Kralorela present morality plays based on the life of the belt-buckle salesman who became Godunya, the Dragon Emperor. Surely he was married, with children?

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