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Date: Mon 22 Aug 1994 - 14:42:17 EEST

Hi from Bob Luckin !


Sandy says (X-RQ-ID: 5783) :

> his sweetie, and maybe his Runes will change. You suggest that maybe
> this aspect of Issaries was introduced by the God Learners -- I
> suggest that more likely is that this task was RESTRICTED to a single
> subcult of Issaries by the God Learners, who found it an irksome
> chore -- I assume that before the Second Age, all Issaries cultists
> were burdened with this job.

This is a possibility I hadn't thought of. I like it; thanks for the suggestion !

Moon "over" Pavis

David Dunham (X-RQ-ID: 5792) says :-

> It was pointed out to me that my use of a coyote in my first Ralios session
> (the adulthood mini-heroquest) wasn't appropriate for Glorantha. I'd wanted
> something that was identifiable as Trickster without too much difficulty.
> We know there are Gloranthan dogs, wolves, and hyenas. Are there coyotes?
> Raccoons are another American mammal that's in Glorantha.

How about foxes ? I think they are often mythically associated with stealing, tricks, evil and the like. Or are you looking for a creature which is unusual to other parts of Glorantha (I remember the HQ edition of ToTReM had a fox-based heoquest in it from - I think - the Orlanthi culture) ?

> Apparently there's some dispute as to whether the Red Moon is visible from
> Pavis. I never thought this was in doubt, but I got a letter from someone
> who claims it can't be seen from Pavis.

Tell them to look at the cover of Strangers in Prax. There are the Coders disembarking into Pavis, and above the moonboat is a small red billiard ball aka the Red Moon. Of course, this could just be artistic license...


Andrew Raphael points out (X-RQ-ID: 5787) :-

>>* Is the Red Emperor really like Yosemite Sam ?

> No, Sam is far too hairy to be the Red Emperor. The princess in
> MOB's Lunar Coders, from Strangers in Prax, suggest that the Red
> Emperor is hairless. He is, therefore, Elmer Fudd.

This depends on whether you view House Raibanth's hairlessness to indicate that the Red Emperor himself is hairless, or is due to some other influence arising from his court. But I like the reasoning... No doubt MOB or Nick can confirm whether Ol' Red Eyes is hairless or not.

Now if the Emperor is Elmer Fudd, then who is Yosemite Sam ? Fazzur Wideread perhaps ? Surely with all that red hair he has to be Lunar - or does he (why does the name Sheng Seleris come unbidden into my mind) ?

> I've often wondered if strolling players in Kralorela present morality plays
> based on the life of the belt-buckle salesman who became Godunya, the Dragon
> Emperor. Surely he was married, with children?

Ah, Godunya Bundy... Well, I was thinking along the lines of Peg "Griselda" Bundy and Al "Wolfhead" Bundy. (Yes I know this is stretching the analogy a bit since Griselda and Wolfhead are related and don't have kids...) For Godunya I'd have suggested Chou En Ginsberg from the Round the Horne radio show in the UK, but I'm not sure how many readers would have come across him.

Cheers, Bob
Bob Luckin "Able was I ere I saw Corflu"

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