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Simon Hibbs
>We must remember that the monomyth failed, it was an unmitigated

        Not so. The monomyth was the closest approach to Gloranthan reality that had ever been accomplished. Admittedly it was wrong in many fundamental details. Newtonian physics was a huge advance on what went before, and is still a useful way to describe the world. But it is wrong in fundamental ways. When the God Learners got too close to the _real_ reality in Glorantha, it stepped up and bit them.

Alex doesn't think that Pamaltela is _really_ more fertile than Genertela.
>I don't think this makes much sense. If Pamaltela had twice the
>population of Genertela, rather than half, this might be marginally
>more convincing.

        More Fertile doesn't mean More People, Alex. The Most Fertile places on the face of the earth (measured by biologic productivity) are swamps and jungles. Pamaltela has plenty of swamps and jungles. But these aren't environments in which large numbers of humans thrive.

        The strongest evidence for Pamaltela's fertility is not only the swamps & jungles, but the interior plains of Jolar, Kothar, etc., In any rational land, such interior areas, cut off from the sea by mountains, flat, and with few rivers (and those that exist draining into a dry dead sea) would be a horrifying desert, as bad as the Sahara or the Empty Quarter of Arabia.

        It's not -- in fact, it supports a reasonably prosperous group of nomads. The only possible reason is because Pamalt's influence POWERFULLY mitigates the disaster.

        Finally, one of the major population sources of Genertela is Kralorela, which IMO does not suffer much from Genert's death, because he has been replaced by the Emperor, who now holds responsibility for all such matters.

David Cowling:
>typically, a shadow of Humakt is faced as the PC "overcomes death"
>to enter and return from the God Plane. If this is true, and
>coupled with the fact that when Humakti are dead, they are DEAD, do
>Humakti HeroQuest? If so, is it a shadow of Humakt that they face?

        To enter the Heroquest, you must either vanquish death by defeating the Humakti warrior as you enter the Hero Plane, or else one of the party must die (but only one), thus paying the price. Yes, Humakti heroquest. The dude facing you when you try to enter the Heroplane is probably a heroquester Humakti, for instance. (Well, not a fancy quester, but at least some Sword doing one of his cult responsibilities.) And yes, a Humakti entering the heroplane must vanquish death (i.e., another Humakti) to enter.

>Praxian carnivores, no one seems to have mentioned dinosaurs

        I thought I had. I said that IMO Dinosaurs in Prax were visitors (possibly permanent ones) from Balazar or the Rockwoods. There are probably some permanent dinosaur residents in the River of Cradles, and maybe some huge amphibians in the coastal swamps, but I don't think you'll find deinonychi breeding or thriving in the Wastes proper.

Pam Carlson:
>Well, EXCUSE ME for using the words "Trickster" and "respect" in the
>same sentence.

        You are forgiven.
>But isn't Trickster *occasionally* appreciated? Hyena ate Genert to
>keep him safe from chaos, Eurmal helps Orlanth occasionally, and in
>Native American stories, Coyote is known for being rather clever.

        Yes, but what Native American would want Coyote for his brother-in-law? Or even hanging around his house.

        I think that Praxians, like Orlanthi, regard Trickster and his deeds as absolutely essential to the nature of the cosmos. Death is essential, too. I'm sure that when they tell tales of the Trickster they laugh and are appreciative. And when a Trickster comes into the camp, they beat him, abuse him, and scream, "Not with MY daughter, you don't!" With luck, they'll drive him away, and to some other tribe.

        After all, it's not like Trickster is an endangered species.

> I favor Hyena as the Praxian trickster, because Coyote is too
>similar to the Real World

        I kind of think of Raven as the real trickster of Prax. Hyena I see as one of his friends. Sometimes victorious, sometimes tricked or killed, but in many stories with Raven. Coyote may or may not be a trickster, but their treacherous cowardly nature probably makes them at least trickster-associated. Note that even if they aren't tricksters at all this doesn't mean there aren't coyotes in Prax.

Stupendous Man:
>2) Having dealt with Viv, what about Cacodemon, he's got the
>Darkness Rune too, what about Ogre's, they can't see in the dark
>can they?

        I don't think so. But they probably do a lot more night fighting than most humans, setting ambushes and the like, so they may not be quite so hosed at a fight in the dark as humans are.

>3) How about broo's, they're the ubiquitous chaos nasties, can they
>not see, or do they have improved night vision. I ask this because
>it's seems so much more atmospheric to fight broo at night, when
>they are only half seen.

        Hmm. I almost always have my own broos attack on blistering hot days, when the sun bakes the brains from the players' heads, and there is no wind anywhere, and the air smells stale, while the horizon shimmers with blazing heat. I save night attacks for morocanth and trolls.

        BUT ... since you asked, I believe that most broos have marginally better night vision than most humans (much as a sheep or an antelope has somewhat better night vision, but is still diurnal). On the other hand, lots of broos are probably colorblind, too. Doubtless a broos' vision depends on what its mother was, averaged out with what a broos "natural" sight is like.

        In any case, there have GOT to be bands of broo brothers that see really well at night (just because their mom was a jackrabbit, or a cat, or some other night-dweller), and I'm sure these guys lead the night attacks, or even band together into special bands that specialize in darktime combat.

>A priest who cast all his rune spells into the trunestone
>(A) cannot regain them and he must resacrifice to the spell.
> or
>(B) can regain them when he pray in his temple as usual.

        I have always played (A).

Bryan J. Maloney
>>You are different from the others, child, so I will tell you a tale
>>that the others don't get.

        This was a stupendous story/poem/song of the Basmoli. You are my hero.

Nick Brooke:
> I'd rather waive the "obligatory die rolls" while fudging the
>numbers of 90%+ skills required. Becoming an initiate, Rune Lord,
>sacred milkman, or bartender at Gimpy's is a Major >Campaign Event,
>not something to brush off as a wee mechanical hiatus.

        The main purpose of the 90% skills and die rolls, I believe, is to give the GM an idea of how hard it's supposed to be to become one of these dudes, and hence of how rare they are, how impressed other folks are of them, etc.

        I have no objection of blowing off all the mechanistic details of Rune Lord-dom, if the GM is able and ready to do so. All I ask is that Rune Lords be recognized as Real Tough Guys, and masters of their trade. I also picture the majority of these guys not as folks who've won every game they've been in, but long-term hardened troopers who've seen the good and the bad. Not Keanu Reeves, or a nine-day-wonder, but Henry Fonda, proven through thick and thin.

        The 90% skills are handy, though, in giving the players something to work towards. "Goal-setters", as it were.

>I'd love to figure out Teleos except I know so little about it.

        You know as much as anyone, if you've read Gloranthan history and the Seas of Glorantha stuff. Basically:

  1. it's shaped like Pac-Man.
  2. before the Closing, bad pirates & a whole pirate kingdom were centered here.
  3. after the Opening, 6 groups of multi-colored folks live here who hate one another, but give birth to each other's children. Were the pirates of old-time Teleos multi-colored? Unknown. In one conversation with Greg, he thought they "probably" were, for what that's worth.
  4. it's jungly and reasonably tropical, due to the ocean currents.
  5. there's dragonewts.

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