First use of Death in the world

From: Robert McArthur (
Date: Tue 27 Sep 1994 - 04:03:57 EET

The first paragraph of the Nomad Gods rules (after the intro) says that Prax was the first place death was [used or known] in the world. Anyone's thoughts on the matter? Obviously in getting it from the Underworld to the surface it was (ab)used by a number of beings (GL term for 'dem 'dere god thing'o's) but where was it known for the first time on the surface?

Giving full reign to those whose life is Gloranthan speculation, May Llankhor Mhy learn to spell (his/her name :-) and bless this query

Robert McArthur

PS. Actually I think the words were "death came into the world in Prax"

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