I *like* the daily on frp.misc!

From: Brian Paul Hebert (hebert@uclink.berkeley.edu)
Date: Mon 26 Sep 1994 - 13:04:56 EET

Nick Eden suggested taking the daily off of rec.games.frp.misc, saying "Just about anyone capable of reading the daily on usenet can get the daily mailed to them, and I assume those that can be bothered will - that way they can contribute to the discussions without having all their postings appear several days old."

Wrong. I have a 500k storage limit on my university mail account. With the daily on usenet, I can go a week without reading, then drop in and catch up. If I got a week's worth of dailies in my mail, I'd exceed my limit. As for reading it twice, do you *have* to download everything from the newsgroup? Most news reader software will let you skip things with a keystroke. Anyway, I vote to keep it on frp.misc.


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