Death in Prax

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Date: Tue 27 Sep 1994 - 09:08:52 EET

Robert asks:

> The first paragraph of the Nomad Gods rules (after the intro) says that
> Prax was the first place death was [used or known] in the world. Any-
> one's thoughts on the matter?

That's rubbish. It was in Carmania, of course. <g>

Nomad Gods is written by Praxians, for Praxians. I don't think anything as indeterminate as "where death first came into the world" will have one single definitive answer, any more than "where the first man was born". Everyone will have their own local myths about it. This is like the way we think all Storm Bulls worship the Block 'cos we've seen the ones who live near to it. I'm pretty sure that as you trek westwards around the Barbarian Belt, this particular myth dies out and is replaced by more important local variations on the same theme.

As Godtime is "non-sequential" and "simultaneous" and so on, I don't think you'll get a useful answer through HeroQuesting, Divination or whatever. When I'm in Glorantha, I always know that my people are Right and these foolish foreigners are Wrong if ever a problem like this arises.

Example: I once played a Yelmalion character who had the "Cannot lie" geas. So I was able to spout the most chauvinistic Yelmalion cultic propaganda imaginable, prefacing every statement with "I cannot tell a lie". I mean, will Yelmalio deny that his way is the best, truest, most righteous in the world of Glorantha? He's a Truth god, right? So zap me, God!

"I cannot tell a lie: that storm god Orlanth is a filthy barbarian outlaw who knows nothing of cleanliness and righteousness. Orlanthi eat stinking, vile foods, and their women are unchaste."

Absolute Mythical Truth and Proof are hard things to find.


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