The Sacred Time

Date: Mon 17 Oct 1994 - 16:20:35 EET

        Hope this finds all well and in excellent health and spirits!  Been 
     lurking for awhile on the net as work has been hectic lately.  I have 
     a few questions for the assembled Runemasters on the list.
        There are numerous references to the gods/desses reenacting 
     mythology during the Sacred Time (this makes sense in light of 
     Illumination taking place during the Sacred Time too).  Do the Chaotic 
     deities participate in this too?  How vivid are these scenes?  Do they 
     just occur to holy folk chewing hamasim or are they there in the 
     heavens for all to see?  
        Always wondered about that . . .
        I'll be in Deutschland from 21 to 29 OCT 94 and back after that.  
        In service,


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