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Date: Mon 17 Oct 1994 - 17:55:21 EET

Hi all. Mike Dawson here, not Kirsten Niemann.

There's been some discussion about the Strangers cover and the visibility of the Red Moon in Pavis.

Steve Langmede originally sketched the cover with a big red moon hovering in the background because he thought it was cool. I believe my reply to this was "Though it does look good, there are a lot of RQ fans who will dispute whethere or not the moon is visible from that angle."

Looks like I was prophetic.

That little ball hanging between the horns of the Moon Boat is a piece of moon rock, not the Red Moon. At least, that was my idea based on MOB's ideas. A bit of sympathetic magic was the idea. And yes, the cover should all be bathed in a bright red glow, but this would make the temple and characters look really peculiar.

Just for the record, I believe the celestial map in Elder secrets--that the moon is visible all over Glorantha and the old description in Cults of Prax is wrong.

Further, I think the moon's phases are visible inside the glowline, though the effect is intensified so inside the line, magic works as if the moon was full.

I think at Lunar towns along the glowline, merchants sell crimson-colored glasses for people from the empire travelling outside the Glowline. And wide-brimmed red hats that leak red-tinged sunlight through the brim.



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