Lewis on DI

Date: Mon 17 Oct 1994 - 18:32:00 EET

WRT DI I am not in the camp that says only 1 Rune Spell equivalent per DI. The rules imply that DI will resurrect 1, heal some and teleport the whole party out. I disagree and believe that the type of effect available should depend on the god/dess (& pantheon). NB Humakt NEVER resurrects.


	Orlanthi fit the rules quite well:
	CA resurrects.
	CA, Ernalda and Co can heal.  
	Mastakos (& Orlanth by proxy) can teleport all over the shop.  

	Lunars can do most of this:
	QD resurrects.
	7M, QD et al. heal.
	But who does the teleportation???
	Maybe some other effect can be used...

	Daka Fal can resurrect and heal but sends spirits to help and 
	cannot teleport.  

	Humakti can get healed but I allow them to DI for DEATH (sever spirit) 
	on their enemies!  For this the spell is cast with their faith as its 
	stength (opponent must resist their POW not MPs).  

General rules:

	Only 1 resurrection (minimum 3 POW unless CA cultist).  Remember DI 
	should not cost less than runemagic (resurrection costs 3 POW for 
	everyone except CA and possibly QD(7M)).  

	Only 1 person affected by heal/teleport per point of POW.  Thus if 
	an Orlanthi Wind Lord DIs to teleport the whole party out and rolls 
	a 1 Orlanth favours him and extracts him alone (cost = 1 POW).  
	As a GM I might allow the WL to expend more POW to get out others 
	who are in Orlanth's good books (the WLs shadowcat familiar, the 
	Wind Voice and the CA healer, the Lunar, Yelmalion and Ancestor 
	Worshipper can get stuffed...)

Well, its the way I do it


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