Where's that dang moon?

From: Alex Ferguson (alex@dcs.gla.ac.uk)
Date: Tue 25 Oct 1994 - 01:03:27 EET

Mike Dawson, not Sog University:
> Just for the record, I believe the celestial map in Elder
> secrets--that the moon is visible all over Glorantha and the old
> description in Cults of Prax is wrong.

I vote for: both wrong! Leaving aside miscelleneous other quibbles with the star map, the position of the Red Moon seems flakey, being too far West, and too high in the Sky to make ring true. Stephen Martin told me that there were originally four (I think) star maps at Chaosium for Elder Secrets, but they got confusingly conflated into the final product. Ho hum.

In the absence of any concrete proposals for the height and size of the moon, here's mine: the moon is about 30km in diameter, and 1000km high. This means that it appears as follows:

Silver Shadow: directly overhead, subtends 1.7^o Mirin's Cross: 61^o above the horizon, subtends 1.5^o Apple Lane: 45^o above the horizon, subtends 1.2^o Sog City: 29^o up, subtends 0.9^o
Brithos, Ignorance, Trowjang: 17^o up, subtends 0.5^o Magasta's Pool: 15^o up, subtends 0.4^o Jolar: 7^o up, subtends 0.2^o

Recall that the terran moon subtends 0.5^o, and the moon tends to appear smaller nearer the horizon, for purely visual reasons.

If this bothers anyone for being too cold-bloodedly "factual", read as a suggestion purely about the _appearance_ of the moon, not necessarily its physics. Comments welcome.


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