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Date: Wed 10 Nov 1993 - 03:21:14 EET

>> Does *anyone* prefer the "generic" RQ3 products
>> to the Gloranthan ones? What should we be designing rules to encourage?
>They work fairly well for Tekumel, but I've not played anywhere in
>Glorantha where I've felt that they would be appropriate.

I've played in RQ/Tekumel myself.

>This is opening up the how many sorcery systems do we want debate.
>We probably need two, at least. We need one that is compatible with RQ3,
>*if* RQ4 is to be compatible with RQ3 scenarios. We also need one that
>feels like it belongs.

Please, let's have only one system that calls itself Sorcery.

(I've never felt that RQ3 sorcery doesn't belong -- there are plenty of
references to it in Gloranthan works [most notably Gods of Glorantha],
after all.)

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