Re: New Sorcery System

From: Graeme A Lindsell (
Date: Wed 10 Nov 1993 - 18:08:26 EET

All about Dave Cakes proposed sorcery system:

Nick Brooke writes:
>RQ4 is meant to be a Gloranthan rules set. RQ4 Sorcery is meant to be
>Gloranthan Sorcery. It seems to make sense to tie the Sorcery rules
>closely to Glorantha. No?

 David says he didn't make it runic because Greg doesn't like the
runes much anymore. I think Dave is trying to make it Gloranthan, by
going to our best source on the matter. Though his system isn't
runic, all of his example are Gloranthan, which to me is good

 After a quick read, the system appears to take some effort to remain
close to the RQ3 system. The _total_ manipulation of a spell is based
on Skill/5, but the most of a particular manipulation you can do
is based on the particular manipulation/10 ie if you have a skill
in a spell of 65, you can do 13 points of manipulation; if your
Duration skill is 70, you can make 7 of those points increased
duration. The duration table is the same as RQ3, so 7 duration
is 1280 minutes or 21 hours.

 I like this idea. It gives sorcerers similar powers to RQ3, but only
to mages with very high (~100%+ skill) manipulation skills.

 (Note to David: though you write in the text that manipulation
is skill/5, your example for Neutralize Magic is based on skill/10)

 A few more comments: in the spell list there seem to be a lot
more studies than listed at the top. I would list the various Emotions,
Life (If venom is Remove Life, and Healing is Regain Life, then what
should regenerate be? Could Palsy be neutralize life?), Magic (obviously).

 I think a list of what spells there are would be nice. I think there
is some duplication.

 Apart from that, I think this is the best complete alternative Sorcery
write-up I've seen (I've never seen a complete version of Paul's
system though: has one ever been posted?)


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