Re: Initiates learning Spirit Magic

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Date: Wed 10 Nov 1993 - 20:10:47 EET

Joerg, it's going to take more careful reading to see what you're really
proposing changing here (unless it's all just minor cleaning up of the
existing rules).

>Magic Book p.16:
>"Spellcasting Ability
>A spirit magician has a percentilee chance of successfully casting each of
>his spells equal to his POW*5. The spirit magician suffers a 1 percentile
>cumulative penalty to his spellcasting ability for each point of ENC he
>: Is the magic bonus added? Several supplements indicate so.

Yes. It's in the errata: "A spirit magician has a percentile chance of
successfully casting non-ritual spells equal to his POWx5, plus his Magic
skill category bonus."

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