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>p.29: References to availability of spirit magic only under "Major Temple"
>and "Great Temple". Clearly a mistake: if minor temples don't teach spirit
>magic, where does one get them? This whole subject needs an intense
>rewrite, too.

The errata added the Spellteaching spell to minor temples; as originally
printed, it was at least consistent.

(Joerg, do you not have the errata? It's probably available electronically.)

>: I'd like to include the Spirit comunication mechanic from Vikings
>: Players Book, p.36 f. into certain parts of Gloranthan Spirit magic,
>: e.g. into the spirit cults portrayed in GoG under the entry of Horned
>: Man. In the guise of Disir, ancestors or other "angelic" beings of
>: importance to the cult, these may occur also in theistic cultures, e.g.
>: Dara Happan Yelmic culture (saintly ancestors) or Orlanthi religion
>: (hero cults). Something wrong about Humakt's Valkyries?

I'm not completely clear on this -- if I win 7 rounds _in a row_ I can
learn Healing 7, or just any 7 rounds?

>: It must be detailed whether spells like Spirit Screen, Spirit Block or
>: Spirit Resistance may be used when learning a spirit spell. IMO they
>: mustn't, because the supplicant must be willing to communicate with the
>: (in all probability less then enthusiastic) spirit, which would break
>: off combat if it had to overcome additional obstacles. If there was a
>: spell which only enhances the spirit combat skill, that might arguably
>: be allowed.

We've always assumed they could be, if for no other reason than that
(pre-GoG at least) priests had no way to save the initiate who succumbed to
a spell spirit! (GoG changed Spellteaching, but I guess we never changed
the way we ran this.) Your ruling makes sense, even if I'm not sure I like

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