Re: Yet Another Sorcery System

From: David Cake (
Date: Mon 15 Nov 1993 - 11:23:55 EET

> I like the Spell/5 vs Manipulation/10 distinction (/10 seemed weird in the
> RQ4 proposal).
Good. I like it too.

> > Multispell is a Hard Magic skill, and can only be learned by a
> >character with a +10 or greater Magic bonus.
> This seems out of line with RQ in general. Anyone can learn any skill. The
> limit should be cultural.
> > In melee, a sorcery spell cast goes off at: 3 SR (preparation time) +
> >the
> >sorcerer's DEX SR + the total MP used in SR.
> Why have the arbitrary 3 SR delay?
        Both of these are hold overs from the RQ4 draft 1.0. I have no
attachment to either of them. Personally, I agree with you on Multispell
(lets drop it the restriction), and I see the logic of the casting time - the
same principlke as drawn weapons - if you want to avoid the 3 sr delay, say
'I prepare spell' the round before. But should probably be elucidated a little]
more if it is kept.

> >Cast <emotion>
> I didn't see any other <emotion>-related spells, which means there's no
> need for a Study. Or are the <> in error?
No, there is Detect [Life,<emotion>], I think, a spell that acts as Detect Life
if you do not have the appropriate study, and Detect <emotion> if you do. The
idea was to have a spell that allowed you to do Detect Enemies (malice or hate),
and I liked the idea of being able to cast such completely combat useless but
roleplaying superb spells as Detect Love and Detect Rage. In a later draft I
am sure that I could come up with some more emotion based spells, I think that
they add to the game.

> All of the Pendragon traits are potential <emotions>: "These are not the
> droids you're looking for" = Cast Trusting.
        Well, sounds god to me. Maybe even all the Pendragon Traits and
Passions - hmm, Cast Loyalty, Detect Loyalty, Cast Laziness, etc. Nice.
> I couldn't find any mention of what Studies _do_ (except for Summon). You
> say they're skills. Is that skill rolled? Is it a limit? If I have Study of
> Humans 65%, how do I cast Dominate Human? Do I learn a generic Dominate
> spell?
They are skills, generally used as a limit to casting (like manipulations in
RQ3 - you need to roll under the minimum of study & spell). I assumed that you
had to learn a generic Dominate spell, but I am open to suggestions.
Thanks for your comments.
                                Dave Cake

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