Re: Yet Another Sorcery System (very long)

From: David Cake (
Date: Mon 15 Nov 1993 - 11:45:51 EET

> Kudos, Dave!
> A lot of sensible ideas, and a lot of problems addressed. And an awful
> lot, too much to be discussed in one posting.
> Multispell: Do you use the variant from the RQ3 Errata: the MP spent are
> for the most expensive spell plus 1 per additional spell (=point of
> Multispell), or the one from the rules (no benefit except shorter casting
> time)?
I use the variant from the errata - the simple reason - I like sorcerers to
be able to create interesting (not necessarily powerful) effects.

> For clarification:
> Is the maximum amount of manipulation spell%/5, as you said in the
> preface, or spell%/10, as in the example you gave?
Whops, the example was a hold over from the RQ4 draft 1.0 that I forgot to
[bit about Bless [tool] deleted, mostly because I couldn't think of anything
intelligent to say about it. What you said sounded OK to me.]
> Spell Matrix Enchantments:
> You characterized them as giving +n% to a spell for use of manipulation
> (plus conveying the knowledge of the spell, if not existant). How does
> this work with Multispell?
Errk. I didn't think about that. I would tend to go for Multispells counting
as a single spell for this purpose - ie +n% to chance to cast ALL spells, and
no way to cast them separately.

> Also does Multispell allow more than maximum manipulation for less well
> known spells?
Hmm. I don't know. I guess that it shouldn't. Wether this means that maximum
manipulation for all spells is limited by the lowest, or wether the badly
known spells just get less benefit from the manipulation I don't know.

> Does a 75% spell multispelled with a 55% spell allow 8 (15 in Dave Cake's)
> points of manipulation of the 55% spell?
As I said, I don't think so. But if you multispell a 75% spell with a 55%, is
the manipulation of the 75% spell limited to 5(11) points of manipulation, or
can it be cast at 8(15) even though the 55% spell is limited to 5(11).
> More when I have reread your long article more closely.
> --
> Joerg Baumgartner


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