Re: System v. Glorantha

From: johnjmedway (
Date: Mon 15 Nov 1993 - 21:28:00 EET

>> From: David Cake <>
>> Subject: Re: System v. Glorantha
>> Aargh! Please No!
>> Two Sorcery systems? Why? Because you really, really hate RQ3 sorcery?
>> Well, don't use it. But Why not just concentrate on improving the background
>> (and some of the mechanics) till RQ3 Sorcery feels more Gloranthan.

Maybe you misunderstood my reasoning.

I like the RQ3 Sorcery, but not for Glorantha. It works quite well for
Tekumel, after tuning the spell list. It does not feel like it meshes
with my concept of Glorantha. I suggest keeping it only for compatibility.

I am in favor of a magic system for the Kralorelans, and magic system for
Western sorcerors, a system for the Lunars, ..., though perhaps all tied
together with some shared concept, like the sorceror's ___ ( I forget )
which was proposed as an analog of the fetch.

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