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Date: Fri 19 Nov 1993 - 05:51:07 EET

> David Cake <> writes:
> > Hear Hear!! I thought that Vikings and Land of Ninja were fine products with
> > some potential, and I mourn the fact that no RQ Earth products will be produc
> > But the problem with Griffon Island, Eldorad, etc. was that they displayed
> > little imagination, and low standards.
> I agree with most of this, except for Griffin Island. This was a
> perfectly decent product, and the one truly generic one done of the game.
> Of course, it started it's life as a Gloranthan product in the pre-RQ3
> days, which may have had something to do with this.
> > If there had been one Gateway product of the standard of Dorastor or
> > Sun County, I would have bought it, even just to steal the plot and try and
> > work it into Glorantha.
> As I said, Griffin Island was a quite respectable product. But the
> other, non-sourcebook products were not worth the paper they were printed
> on.
My comments about Griffon Island apply only to the changes between Island
and Mountain - it was non-Gloranthised, filled with macho super sorcerers and
generic orc bad guys, and the delicate balance of power of the original changed
to something much simpler.
        It was also not what I would call generic - orcs, religions, etc.
By generic I mean things that can fit into almost any campaign - ones that
avoid large groupings of unusual non-human races, for example, and are not too
precise about what religions are worshipped.

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