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Date: Sat 20 Nov 1993 - 03:19:27 EET

> David Cake <> writes:
> > It was also not what I would call generic - orcs, religions, etc.
> > By generic I mean things that can fit into almost any campaign - ones that
> > avoid large groupings of unusual non-human races, for example, and are not to
> > precise about what religions are worshipped.
> >
> What's particularly unusual about the racial mix in GO? Sure, it's got
> orcs, but orcs are, after all, one of the standard races in the rules.
        Well, just what I said - they can't fit into almost any campaign.
For that matter, halflings and ducks are standard races in the rules, but
that does not mean that they are going to fit into almost every campaign.
If they are going to publish 'generic' adventures, that should mean things
that are going to fit into most campaigns, not things that are going to fit
into campaigns that allow anything.

> The slarges are stranger, but then, the implication in the pack is that
> this may be the only place they are found. Avoiding that problem adds up
> to avoiding nonhumans altogether.

        Well, certainly not basing huge chunks of plot around them. I don't
have a problem with the slarges, they are suposed to be unusual, but the
orcs are a major force - I can't jst stick Griffon Island into my orc-less

        I want generic adventures in the sense of useful and adaptable. Most
of the Gateway stuff seemed to be generic in the sense of being set in
'generic fantasy universe' rather than any particular one (you know, the
universe with the hordes of orcs, the big dark lord, the wise wizard, the bunch
of guys who are the only hope, the old wise king, his beautiful daughter, and
all sort of European mediavel without the disease and starving peasants).
In short, generic meaning 'undistinguished'.
        When this also means that it is less useful to most people who play RQ
(the ones who aren't Gloranthan probably include a few RQ Earth types, and
the remainder are probably people who have put real effort into creating
their own universe), then what is the point.
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