Re: Afore the Brave New RuneQuest arrives

Date: Fri 14 Jan 1994 - 10:23:22 EET

>When I first heard about RQ4, I started a brand new campaign to test it
>(after all, the character creation system is new & improved). Out of
>laziness, I set it in Pavis (because that's where the most published info
>is/was). But there's not enough info to really run Praxians or Pavisites,
>so I started characters as Grazers or Sartarites, and had them travel to
>Pavis (so it would all be new to their characters).

Working on the loose basis that the area mapped in RQ2 is the Gloranthan
equivalent of the Holy Land, if only from the perspectives of the natives,
then I plan to design a more temperate, distant land with their own
pantheon of dieties.

A kind of pagan British Isles which has developed into a vibrant, but not
uncultured place, through the action of its Cults, its Shamans and the
legacies of the God's actions during God-Time.

The distance between the two would be such that although one cult might
span both areas it not be without notable cultural variations. The
changes in climate and weather will affect the people's perception of
the nature of the Runes eg. the Sun is a ripener of crops, not a harsh
punisher who may plot to burn the skin off your back.

My plan is to design a set of dieties, cults and magical practises from
which parallels may be drawn back to the more common RQ gods. I'll be
attempting to get this material in at state so when I read the RQ4 draft
and study the GM guidlines I'll be ready to detail a campaign ASAP.


        -- Guy Robinson --


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