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>> From: David Dunham <>
>> Subject: Ducks, Ducks And, More Ducks
>> Date: Mon, 31 Jan 1994 12:04:51 PST
>> edition Pendragon. I don't think I'd be very likely to buy a new game
>> that's 280 pages long [RQ3 in the new printing], it's just too
>> intimidating. And not only are big games intimidating, they're more
>> expensive.

I dunno if this is a real problem. Look at the size of Champions or the
new version of GURPS. They're pretty sizeable too. Doesn't seem to slow
sales too much.

>> I've NEVER seen a campaign with a duck PC. (Duck NPCs, yes -- one GM was
>> very fond of 'em.)


>> And I also think ducks don't have the importance to Glorantha (or GMs) of
>> dragonewts. It may be true that Aldryami and Mostali aren't player species,
>> but given that you have Elves and Dwarves, it's vital to let people know
>> that in Glorantha, they're very different from AD&D, more important than

Dragonnewts are central and alien, and must be included.

Aldyami are also alien, and must be described to set them clearly apart
from "elves" ( a term we perhaps should try to avoid, for the same reason )

Dwarves are alien, but not so far from prior conceptions as the aldryami.
Humans probably have the least contact with these guys, as well. Drop 'em.

Ducks are stupid and fun, though I have always hated them. Put 'em in.

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