Re: A COW! & Duckjs !

From: Paul Reilly (
Date: Wed 02 Feb 1994 - 01:19:40 EET

  But cows were used _often_ as a value standard in the Bronze Age, at
least from Ireland to India and down into Africa.

  Toi cut down on # messages, I will also reply to John Medway:
>> I've NEVER seen a campaign with a duck PC. (Duck NPCs, yes -- one GM was
>> very fond of 'em.)

>Ducks are stupid and fun, though I have always hated them. Put 'em in.

  We have had several Duck PC's and NPC's in our campaign. Well, at least
2 1/2 PCs. Ducks are very popular with Ogre and Troll characters ("Pass the
orange sauce")



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