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From: Malcolm Cohen (
Date: Wed 02 Feb 1994 - 14:46:02 EET

I have not seen RQ:AiG so take the following with a kg of salt...

David Dunham wrote:
> I could argue that the 120 page RQ2 was more popular than the 280 page RQ3...

1. In the UK, that was initially because of the ridiculous pricing strategy.
2. The world has moved on since then. RQ2 would not, IMO, sell all that well
   if it were being introduced for the first time right now.

> Maybe I'm wrong, but _I'm_ put off by huge works, and I'm a fairly
> dedicated gamer. Would you become a gamer if you thought you had to read a
> 300 page tome? If you weren't a gamer, would you be more interested in
> becoming one if you had to buy a $15 book or a $30 book?

I would be (and am) more put off by having to buy endless supplements just to
get the core system.

> One idea would be to yank Sorcery and put it in a Western sourcebook
> (problem: the rest of that sourcebook probably isn't ready).

No, (IMO) sorcery has to be done right and done in the core rulebook. Having
introduced the third magic system in RQ3 (even though perhaps badly), it must
be fully supported (and fixed!) in RQ4. The customers expect it.

> The detailed shaman rules could go in a Prax sourcebook (again, such a work
> may not be ready for publication within a month or two of RQ:AiG).

I understand that the shaman rules are incomplete anyway; if they are not
complete enough to run a shaman for an extended period of time then I agree
that they should be separated out.

> All optional combat rules could go into a "Gods of War" supplement, which
> detailed Humakt, Yanafal Tarnils, Wachaza, etc.

I do not like this idea much. IMO even optional rules should appear in the
core system or not at all (if the optional rules are taking up too much space,
they should be looked at by a very critical eye with a view to removing the
ones that do not improve the game markedly).

IMO the only rules which can reasonably appear in supplements are the ones
which add a whole new dimension to the game; e.g. another magic system, an
alchemy system, ... not ones which tweak the base ruleset.

> Oliver implied that while the supplement route wouldn't cost the gamer that
> much, it would be a lot more work, and thus wouldn't happen.

If it would be a lot more work then it WILL cost; if not in money (to pay off
the folk who spend all that time working) then in delays to products.

...........................Malcolm Cohen, NAG Ltd., Oxford, U.K.

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