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From: Kiliki (mmlab!
Date: Wed 02 Feb 1994 - 17:52:00 EET

-> Maybe I'm wrong, but _I'm_ put off by huge works, and I'm a fairly
-> dedicated gamer. Would you become a gamer if you thought you had to read a
-> 300 page tome? If you weren't a gamer, would you be more interested in
-> becoming one if you had to buy a $15 book or a $30 book?

As some of you recall, I started a new RQ3 campaign about 6 months ago.
My ave game runs about 8-10 people( I prefer 6-8 but have run as many as 12).
Only 2 of my players had previous RQ experience(I didn't). We have now spawned
a second RQ3 campaign(with 5 players) starting for the 1st time this saturday.

So far, 4 purchased the "Deluxe Boxed Set" and 1 "New Bound Deluxe Book".
I know of 5 more definite(including a 2nd for myself) and 2 more "maybes".

My point? The market is there, all it takes is a successful campaign! Yes,
my players and I wish the price was lower BUT it hasn't stopped sales...

Speaking of which, is there any SoloQuest material? Maybe issuing material
of that nature would help with new sales? Can anyone offer suggestions on
how to acquire SoloQuest I & II?

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