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From: Paul Reilly (
Date: Wed 02 Feb 1994 - 20:27:07 EET

>One idea would be to yank Sorcery and put it in a Western sourcebook
>(problem: the rest of that sourcebook probably isn't ready).

  I'd actually favor this. I'd rather have a combined book with the
basic Sorcery Rules and a "Sects of Malkion" section (like Cults of Prax).
This would be better for several reasons:

1. _Most_ characters don't use much sorcery, even in the West. Very few
in Dragon Pass. Thus having an extra section in the rulebook that _everybody_
buys seems wrong to me - it's forcing players in campaigns with no sorcerers
to buy rules they don't need.

2. Sorcery should be _mysterious_ and _alien_ to most central Genertelan
characters. This is a lot easier if they haven't read the Sorcery rules.
Even in a Western campaign, certain schools should _not_ have all their
powers well-known. Galvosti, for example.

3. It gives us more time to playtest, and me more time to push our version
of Sorcery :-)

 (This is really a serious post, despite the joke at the end.)

 - Paul Reilly


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