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Date: Wed 02 Feb 1994 - 22:58:41 EET

>> From: (Paul Reilly)
>> Subject: re: game size
>> Date: Wed, 2 Feb 94 13:27:07 EST
>> >One idea would be to yank Sorcery and put it in a Western sourcebook
>> >(problem: the rest of that sourcebook probably isn't ready).
>> I'd actually favor this. I'd rather have a combined book with the
>> basic Sorcery Rules and a "Sects of Malkion" section (like Cults of Prax).
>> This would be better for several reasons:

All of which seem perfectly valid to me.

When RAG presents Divine Magic, it has a social context.
Ditto for Shamanism. Not so for Sorcery.

It would be nice to have for Carmanians and others who are outside the
target area of the game ( Dragon Pass ), but it would be better to give
Sorcery more space, and a background appropriate for it.

We can also slip out the Mostali, since their magic won't be explained,
and add in the Ducks, while we're at it.

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