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From: David Cheng (
Date: Thu 03 Feb 1994 - 19:34:42 EET

David Dunham sez:
# RuneQuest and Glorantha. (Despite the typo in an earlier message, I'm not
# concerned about selling to the existing market. At least half the
# purchasers have to be new players so we double the number of RQ players.
# When you get right down to it, our opinions are meaningless since we're
# going to buy RQ:AiG anyway, whether it has sorcery or not.)

# {And some other good stuff}

While I agree with the thought that we have to sell to new players to
succeed, I feel I must comment on the last part of this paragraph.

RQ:AiG has to appeal to as many of us old-timers as possible, as we're
going to be the ones out there evangelizing it. If _we_ don't have
99% faith in the quality of the product, it won't move.

_RuneQuest_ is an old, stale name. I think it's a big mistake to try
and trick the market into thinking it's a "new thing." Instead, we
should try to convert current attitudes from "old & stale" to "a
long-time classic, but updated and improved."

My personal theory is that only a tiny percentage of buyers will pick
up a game on a whim. Most hold out until they've received some "word
of mouth," be that formal reviews in magazines, or more importantly
and widespread, opinions from other respected gamers.

As per my essay in the RQ-Con program book, we've got to help spread
that all-important word of mouth to the uncleansed masses.

To be motivated enough to do this, we've got to believe in the product

So, to get down off the soapbox and back to D. Dunham's point, I think
we, the RQ opinion leaders/future evangelists, have to feel that our
opinions have been heard and debated enough that the product is the
very best it can be, within limits of budget, time and effort

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