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Date: Sat 26 Feb 1994 - 23:50:21 EET

18 Might be nice to mention that attributes all have 2-letter
abbreviations, characteristics 3-letter.

60 While some of the language stuff is interesting, I'm not sure it needs
to be in this work (Glorantha covers languages). Cut Kralori (you're
stretching), Balazaring (Balazar isn't part of the Lunar Empire). I prefer
the previous term Auld Wyrmish (found in all other works) to Draconic.

149 Is Sever Spirit really an exception, and needs an MP vs MP roll instead
of MP vs POW like all other spells?

152 Worship (Deity) gives a POW gain roll. Is this in addition to the
once-a-season POW gain rolls? I think it should give a POW _check_, and
both checks and rolls be provided for more like RQ3.

153 You mention Hsunchen. Not having an index, I don't know for sure if
they're mentioned elsewhere, but I don't think so. (Well, you mention
Hsunchen languages on p.60, but they're not explained anywhere.)

As an aside, I note you describe lands of Glorantha, but not cultures of

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